Four Yard Staging Ideas for Home Sellers

yard stagingMany residents place their property for sale early at the beginning of the year. If you’re doing the same, then the home’s exterior has to be presentable for potential buyers. Yard staging for home sellers is critical for cementing positive first impressions.

1. Clear the Clutter

The yard should look tidy. Remove items you normally keep haphazardly on the lawn, such as toys, garden tools, and unused planters. This goes for the car as well. If you normally park in the driveway, move it into the garage.

In addition, if stains are clearly visible, remove them using a power washer. You can rent one at your local hardware store. Continue Reading →

The Problems with Overgrown Grass in Your Lawn

overgrown grass, overgrown lawnSince neighbors can’t see inside your house, they’re going to judge your home based on how you care for its the exterior. One sign of an unkempt yard is overgrown grass. This actually harms your lawn in ways that go beyond curb appeal.

Why Overgrown Grass Is Bad

What’s wrong with overgrown grass, other than its being an eyesore? Several factors make it a no-no. For starters, it creates a safe living space for pests, such as mice and snakes. Even if you don’t mind an occasional rodent or a slithery reptile, they can cross over to your neighbor’s yard. Don’t be that kind of inconsiderate neighbor.

In addition, too much overgrown grass becomes a fire risk, especially once the greenery begins to dry out during drought periods. Continue Reading →

4 Benefits of a Proper Yard Drainage System

Proper Yard Drainage System | 1st Choice Landscaping | LynnwoodYour yard is now considered an extension of your indoor space. When it’s designed properly, it can be a place where you can relax and enjoy spending time together. One of the key components of a good design is a proper drainage system. A professional landscape design company can ensure that your yard has the right drainage, so that you can enjoy your space without having to worry about your yard becoming oversaturated.

Benefits of a Proper Yard Drainage System

1. Protects your Grass and Flowers

Proper yard drainage systems move water quickly from your yard, without harming your grass and flowers during the wettest seasons. It also helps to protect them from the run-off of large rainfalls.  Continue Reading →