The Problems with Overgrown Grass in Your Lawn

overgrown grass, overgrown lawnSince neighbors can’t see inside your house, they’re going to judge your home based on how you care for its the exterior. One sign of an unkempt yard is overgrown grass. This actually harms your lawn in ways that go beyond curb appeal.

Why Overgrown Grass Is Bad

What’s wrong with overgrown grass, other than its being an eyesore? Several factors make it a no-no. For starters, it creates a safe living space for pests, such as mice and snakes. Even if you don’t mind an occasional rodent or a slithery reptile, they can cross over to your neighbor’s yard. Don’t be that kind of inconsiderate neighbor.

In addition, too much overgrown grass becomes a fire risk, especially once the greenery begins to dry out during drought periods.

Meeting Municipal Regulations

Overgrown grass may also be a violation. This is especially the case if your home is part of a homeowner’s association (HOA). In most cases, lawn grass cannot exceed a certain length. The length limit differs between municipalities. In some areas, the limit is 12-inches. In others, grass cannot exceed eight-inches. Homeowners will usually receive a 10-day notice if they have overgrown grass. If you fail to take action, an HOA-appointed gardener will do it for you, and you will get the bill.

Consider Professional Mowing

If you’re not accustomed to mowing your own lawn, then we suggest bringing in a professional. Tall grass also has a higher crown. An inexperienced mower could easily mow off this vital part. Grass that loses its crown will die. If you choose to mow your own lawn, do so in stages until you achieve the height you desire.

We Take Care of Overgrown Grass

We mow and maintain grass health as part of a residential landscape design. We do the same for commercial lawns in and around Snohomish. Call 1st Choice Landscaping to maintain your yard. We trim overgrown grass so it’s within municipal regulation.

Grass and Sod Maintenance

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