4 Benefits of a Proper Yard Drainage System

Proper Yard Drainage System | 1st Choice Landscaping | LynnwoodYour yard is now considered an extension of your indoor space. When it’s designed properly, it can be a place where you can relax and enjoy spending time together. One of the key components of a good design is a proper drainage system. A professional landscape design company can ensure that your yard has the right drainage, so that you can enjoy your space without having to worry about your yard becoming oversaturated.

Benefits of a Proper Yard Drainage System

1. Protects your Grass and Flowers

Proper yard drainage systems move water quickly from your yard, without harming your grass and flowers during the wettest seasons. It also helps to protect them from the run-off of large rainfalls. 

2. Lowers Risk of Flooding

A good drainage system will help to direct water away from your home or commercial building, lowering your risk of flood damage. You need to be particularly cautious to keep water from entering a structure because it can cause physical damage to the building and contents themselves.

3. Protects the Structure of Your Home or Commercial Building

Water damage also brings with it the risk the entrance of mold into your home or commercial building. If the mold isn’t detected quickly and brought under control, it can lead to poor air quality, health issues and further damage to the structure of your home or commercial property.

4. Avoids Areas of Stagnant Water

During the summer months, pools of stagnant water create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These insects are more than just pests; they carry disease. No one wants to have a mosquito colony right in their backyard or close to where they work. Taking necessary steps to reduce places for these insects to breed simply makes sense.

Design Your Drainage System Today

If you are interested in installing a drainage system on your property, consult a professional landscape design company. 1st Choice Landscaping has the experience and knowledge to recommend solutions that fit your needs, as well as your budget. Contact us with any questions you may have, or to arrange an appointment for your personal consultation.

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